Phenix Trafikskole

Drivers course in English

Phenix Trafikskole is glad to offer a complete drivers course in English. It means the same opportunity as it is for Danish speaking students, all theory lessons in the class and driving lessons in car are available in English.

You are welcome to contact Phenix Trafikskole if you are interested in the full course or just require a few lessons in the process of exchanging your driver’s license.

Phenix trafikskole not only offers the best price for your course, but also provides you with an excellent meaningful driver’s education . It is my strong believe, that creating safe and responsible drivers saves lives.

 At Phenix Trafikskole there are always a small number of students in a class, which gives me the full opportunity to focus on every individual student’s commitment to achieve our goal, and that’s Affirmative.

Free Intoduction Lessons

You are welcome to participate in the first 2 theory lessons and a driving lesson, that will provide you the opportunity to make a knowledgeable decision to continue your education.

Phenix Trafikskole welcomes students from all over Copenhagen and its suburbs. School’s convenient location which is a walking distance from  Amager strand metro station is very accessible with the help of all metro lines and their connection with DSB trains. Once a week, there is a theory class at the school’s location, driving lesson are arranged in an area, where it is easy for students to meet and more important where, there is a best learning opportunity  for your driving education and your driving test 🙂

For more information, you are welcome to drop by during the school’s opening hours or contact via phone / email.